The SPIN mission is the study of innovative materials and their application in the fields of electronics and energy. SPIN, in fact, is an evocative name and acronym for SuPerconductors, oxides and other INnovative materials and devices.

Main activities:

  • Basic experimental and theoretical studies on superconducting and magnetic materials, strongly correlate oxides, ferroics, multiferroics, organics and other innovative materials
  • Material preparation (bulk, single crystals, thin films, multilayers, epitaxial superlattice, tapes and wires)
  • Advanced material characterization based on radiation-matter interactions (also at Syncrotron Radiation Facilities), transport and electronic properties measurements also in presence of high external fields.
  • Micro/nano superconducting electronic devices (for quantum computation and other applications), electronic devices based on oxides (“oxide electronics”) and other innovative materials.

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SPIN belongs to
Cnr - Department of Physical Sciences
and Technologies of Matter